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Default New: Healthcare Risk Adjustment & Predictive Modeling, 2nd Edition

Healthcare Risk Adjustment & Predictive Modeling, 2nd Edition NEW
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Print Edition Available 5/22
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Healthcare Risk Adjustment and Predictive Modeling, 2nd edition, provides a comprehensive guide to healthcare actuaries and other professionals interested in healthcare data analytics, risk adjustment and predictive modeling. The book first introduces the topic with discussions of health risk, available data, clinical identification algorithms for diagnostic grouping and the use of grouper models.

The second part of the book presents the concept of data mining and some of the common approaches used by modelers. The third and final section covers a number of predictive modeling and risk adjustment case-studies, with examples from Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, ACA Exchanges, ACOs disability, depression diagnosis and provider reimbursement, as well as the use of predictive modeling and risk adjustment outside the U.S. For readers who wish to experiment with their own models, the book also provides access to test datasets. Learn more.
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