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Default Is There Hope For Me?

Alright, here's my situation. It isn't pretty, but I haven't completely fallen off the track yet.

I am an Actuarial Science student at a top public university in the midwest. My GPA is currently 2.952 (hopefully 3.0 by May). I will be graduating this coming December. I currently have no exams passed or internship experience. I didn't really realize how important internships were until recently. Even if I had known, I didn't have exams passed anyway, so I doubt I would have found one.

I took FM February 2017 and failed. I probably can't take it in April, because I kind of neglected my classes while studying, I need to focus on doing those to get my GPA up. I am looking to take it in June, and hopefully P in September.

So, assuming I pass FM and P with 3 months until graduation, will I be able to find a job? Would it be possible to get an internship after graduating? I hear it's rare, but I don't see why a company wouldn't jump on the opportunity to pay a recent graduate the amount that they would normally pay a student.
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