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I have known people who have gotten internships post-graduation. I have known people who have gotten actuarial student jobs with only 1 exam passed. I have known people that graduated with 0 exams and crappy GPAs that went on to get actuarial jobs- but it took them a really long time.

I think the best question here is not can you get an actuarial job (because you can if you are patient and apply everywhere and continue taking exams), but if you're really going to be able to stick with that job when you get it. The types of places that hire the students no one else will are the types of places where the pay isn't great and the turnover is high and the actuarial department isn't valued as much as it could/should be. So should you get hired somewhere, you're probably going to have to put up with some crap in the beginning before you can pass enough exams to go somewhere better. Are you willing and able to do that? If you are and you can't find anyone who will hire you as an actuarial student, your best bet would probably be to get a job as a business analyst or an underwriter or even a customer service rep and then apply for an internal transfer when your exam status is where you want it to be.
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