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Originally Posted by A Student View Post
Since I know nobody will read the rules, including me, here is the special EVA rule:

One liberal, unbeknownst to anybody except the mod is designated EVA. EVA likes a good underdog, and is mean reverting. If the first assassination is of a plain Fascist, then EVA takes over for the Fascist. EVA is informed of who Hitler and the other plain Fascist is, and the plain Fascist is informed of EVA's identity. Hitler is informed of EVA's identity. Once EVA flips, she wins if the Fascists win. Before she flips, she wins if the Liberals win.

Note - there are no vote changes for EVA. My goal was to have EVA be a balancing player. When (if) the game becomes a 7 person game, then the sides will be 4L's vs 3F's, which is the same as a 7 person to start with game. This lowers the value of the first assassination for the liberals (as well as the Fascists), but the Liberals still could hit Hitler, and end the game.

If anybody sees anything glaringly bad about this set up, speak now or forever bitch and moan.
Hitler should not be told who Eva is, if you're looking to have a strictly balanced game.
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