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Default LTAM Study Strategies

There are quite a few people on this board who haven't even passed this exam but act like they scored a 10. They routinely provide false information and pull down other candidates who desperately need to pass this exam.

These people constantly tell others to avoid memorizing and focus on understanding. I am telling you right now that understanding the material will not help you pass this exam.

I have stated many times in the past that LTAM is a MEMORIZATION TEST.

The most frequent complaint that candidates have regarding this exam is time management issues. Many candidates, including myself, can't even complete the entire exam in 4 hours. There is absolutely no time for you to think in the middle of this exam. You have to immediately know how to solve a problem when you see it. You can't pause even for a second.

There is no thinking on this test, which is why understanding the material isn't the key to success. Memorizing and knowing which formulas to use immediately are how you will succeed on this test.
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