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Originally Posted by figure 8 View Post
Good luck!

I use CEO / Actuary as my title. I have no employees, so maybe it's pretentious, maybe it's not. I just like it cause it's different. But also, nobody cares, so it doesn't really matter.
Adding "CEO" to your title is the exact opposite of "different" IME. But agree that nobody really cares.

Originally Posted by figure 8 View Post
This might sound kinda obvious (and maybe you already realize this), but I eventually realized that a lot of that stuff doesn't need to be dealt with until you need to deal with it.
-you'll need to figure out how you'll be backing up all of your files
-I'd recommend two big monitors (you won't regret this)
-nobody faxes anymore (right?)
-I'd recommend having something set up that organizes all of your workflow (especially if you'll have annually recurring deadlines/clients) and tracks incoming/outgoing work and incoming/outgoing payments. I don't know exactly what you do or if there's software out there that's used in your industry for this, or if your stuff is simple enough that you can just build something simple in excel or something. I think staying organized is important.
Agree with all of this. Good stuff.
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