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Originally Posted by urysohn View Post
well sure, if he or she wants to give an honest answer. But if he or she wants the RIGHT answer, which they clearly do, then they can use mine.
1) The question is actually a 3-part question:
- What do you know about Pension Consulting?
- What do you know about P&C Insurance?
- What features of P&C insurance are more attractive to you than Pension Consulting?

2) The point of the question is not to have a right answer. It's to impress upon the interviewer that the person has thought out why they want to switch fields and convince them that P&C Insurance is really where this person wants to be. The interviewer wants some knowledge that 6 months down the road, someone else won't be asking this same person "Why do you want to switch from P&C Insurance to Health Consulting?"

3) Your answer is far from right. Come into an interview with me and tell me that you want to work on my stuff because it's simple, I'll end the interview and show you the door right there.

4) As to name, go with either Max Power or Smooth Criminal.
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