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Default Recruiter humor: "How many exams do you have?"

I heard this story about a recruiter many years ago:

The recruiter calls up an actuary at work, discusses an opportunity, and the actuary clearly isn't interested. The recruiter asks, "For my records, would you tell me - are you taking actuarial exams?"

The actuary, who is a Fellow, and is annoyed the recruiter doesn't know this, replies, "No."

The recruiter responds, "Oh - so you're not an actuary?"

The actuary replies, "Oh, yes, I'm an actuary."

The recruiter replies, "Then how many exams have you passed?"

The actuary has some combination of partial exams, two versions of a country-specific exam, has gone through several exam transition systems with credit for exams not actually passed, etc., and certainly knows the literal answer to the question, but knows it would baffle the recruiter even more, decides it is time to end the call.
Joe Orez
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