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Originally Posted by ElDucky View Post
You could take # new fellows in a year and divide by test takers and get a fair approximation. Might need to go back in time on the test takers part to account for growth in interest in the actuarial field.

And need to adjust for those shifty Canadians who become FSA without ever taking exam 1.
Canadians can get exam credit for 2/FM, 3/MLC, 4/C, but not 1/P and this is only recognized by CIA & CAS, not SOA. As far as I know, most students are still doing these exams regardless. With the CAS changing its exam syllabus this year, I'm not sure if the exam exemption still applies. Also considering the difficulty of Upper level CAS exams, preliminary exams are basically nothing. Personally the time I spent to prepare and pass CAS exam 5 = total time spent to prepare all 5 preliminary exams.
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