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Get that internship!
Ideal Plan for GPA

Senior Year of High School
Take AP MICRO and MACRO Economics
AP CALC BC - test out of all calculus


ECON 251, 252
STAT 350
STAT 416 - If you have taken AP STAT
Physics 220 (86 = B+) or 172 (83 = A-) (bigger curve and harder class for 172)
STAT 250 - even if you passed exam P - automatic A

Pass Exam P if not already the case.

MA 373 - work hard and get an A (95 to 100, makes studying for exam FM easier)
MGMT 310 - easier version of MA 373 but required, take at the same time
Freshman English
COM 217
Physics 221

Pass Exam FM

Take Computer Programming and Linear Algebra over the summer at another college....these are common GPA killers if a B kills your GPA


Differential Equations
MGMT 200 - accounting 1
MGMT 411 investments - great opportunity to see finance in more detail
Gen Ed 1
Elective 1

MGMT 201 - accounting 2
Gen Ed 2
Great Issues
Elective 2
Elective 3

By now you will be one of the top sophomores in your class, and the limited internship opportunities for underclassmen will be in your favor

You now have two years to complete STAT 417 - GPA killer, take it last semester senior year, STAT 512 - great experience in SAS
STAT 47201 and STAT 473 and STAT 479 and STAT 420 (these combine for the next 3 actuarial exams, spread them out and take in any order) Use electives in Business to possibly triple major if you are looking at being a CFO down the road or other high position. Otherwise, if you just want to relax and be an actuary for the rest of your life, take electives and use free time to study for those exams...Warning: if you pass too many exams you lose pay raises while on the job and the money it costs to prepare. It is better to have a life and get involved with clubs.

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