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Originally Posted by Egghead View Post
Got my sub back in action!

So now I know when my subwoofer died. That ringing around 20Hz is back, and no amount of bass trapping is making it go away. So it's not that the bass trap was working so effectively. No, it just so happened that the moment I placed my first bass trap was exactly the same time the sub stopped working.

I'm still glad to have the sub back. It definitely rounds out the sound. And I'm also happy to have the bass traps. They're doing nothing to help with the ringing at 20Hz, but I'm not sure I care. The resonances at higher bass frequencies are definitely subdued. And I can't hear frequencies that low, anyway. I do wonder if that ringing is messing with my sound in other ways, though.

I'm trying to figure out what to save up for next. I don't think I'll get much incremental value out of additional acoustic treatments, and my wife would have to shoot me if I buy more. So maybe a second sub? I read an article by Floyd Toole showing that there is significant value in adding a second sub (especially in terms of flattening bass response across a broad area), and a lot less in going beyond 2 subs.

If I get a second sub, should I get one just like I have? Or should I try to save up for a monster like some of you guys have?
I've been meaning to get back to this thread, it's been a pretty crazy couple of weeks.

Good news on your Outlaw, they've always been known as a company who takes really great care of their customers. Nobody makes a perfect product, and customer service is important. That's part of why I like Outlaw. Ditto for SVS.

Interesting news on your bass traps, I'd always kind of written them off... but I've been really re-thinking room treatments and should put these back in the hopper to read up on. I wouldn't sweat ringing at 20Hz all that much, there isn't much content, even harmonics, that low, and your ears shouldn't be terribly sensitive at extremely low freqs.

Yes, a second sub will flatten your bass response *if* you can put it somewhere to excite different room modes. That is, you don't want symmetry here. If one sub is 2' from the back wall and 3' from the right wall, don't place the second sub 2' from the back wall and 3' from the left wall. The freqs at which you'll get constructive/destructive interference will be the same, if that makes sense.

To me, that's the benefit of multiple subs. One sub can typically play as loud as most people need, but with one sub you'll never get a flat response. You'll also get cleaner bass - at any given SPL two subs will have lower excursion. Lower excursion = lower THD.

You can definitely mix and match subs. I've done it a lot and never had any major issues.
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