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Originally Posted by Egghead View Post
Went to a concert over the weekend where the bass was unbelievable. Not only did you feel it in your chest, but each beat made me feel like my shirt was being blown by an incredibly precise and short breeze.

Is this level of bass even possible in a home theater setup? If so, what is necessary? Are we talking the monster subs like GF has in his home?
Basically, no free lunch.

You could do crazy loud with a couple of small-ish subs, but you wouldn't get 20Hz. Pro subs typically play to 40Hz, or perhaps 30Hz, but that's about it. So yeah, if you want bonkers SPL and deep extension, you're talking about very large subs.

You can cheat things with gobs of power. The Sunfire subs are a great example. The most common ones have 10" woofers and are basically about a 12" cube, they are really compact. Which kills efficiency, and they overcome that by throwing 1kW at a well-built driver. Since power is cheap these days (read: Chinese-built class D), it's a workable solution. My Seaton is similar, but on a larger scale, using two active 15", 2kW, and EQ. For a not-too-big sub, it makes a LOT of racket.
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