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Originally Posted by Egghead View Post
Outlaw has a model up from mine that is normally over $1600, and they're selling it now for $1,099 and free shipping. It's bigger than what I've got without being a frightening monster that I could never hide. It's the only THX certified single-sub available in the US, for whatever that's worth. (Other subs get THX certification, but only when sold in pairs.) Would that be likely to give me the mind-blowing performance I'm seeking?
Hard to say, it depends on what it's gonna take to blow your mind.

I'll throw out some rough numbers, I can't find all the relevant specs I need to do it right. Let's say you add that big 13" sub. A 13" driver has about 17% more surface area than a 12". And let's say the 13" has more excursion (can't find xmax on the 12" to know). Let's say that the combination of more cone area plus more excursion means it has 50% more SPL. That's about 2dB. And you get 3dB from adding a second sub. So if you added the 13" on top of your 12" you're talking 5dB louder. You'll definitely feel that difference.

Realistically speaking, the sub you have now is a good one. The 13" would be like taking your sub to 11. The pair of them would be very, very powerful. You'll feel the bass, because the room will be shaking a lot. To get to the next level is going to be expensive, and you're going to need really big subs!

And not to discourage you from buying Outlaw, but the SVS PB12 is worth a look ($1,400 though), as is the Hsu VTF15H MK2. The Hsu is $1,068 shipped. I've heard it, and it's a monster. Output-wise, all three subs are likely to be within a couple dB throughout the passband.
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