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Originally Posted by Quasi View Post
I gave honest feedback when leaving one job due to a god-awful boss (not an actuary). He was told of my feedback and said some bad and not true crap about me after I was gone. I know because a friend shared an email he sent to a handful of people. I was honest because I was trying to help my coworkers on my way out the door.

After being trashed I felt it was a mistake, however about a year later the douche-bag boss was fired. I think upper management may have known he was a douche before I gave my feedback but I'd like to think I actually did help my former coworkers.

I knew I would never want to work with/for that douche again (or even go back to that company) so I wasn't too worried about burning bridges.
I'm in a similar situation now. What was the impact of him spreading bad rumors about you? Did it actually affect anyone else's opinion of you?
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