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Well FWIW, my situation was similar to yours. My background is in accounting and never really took any math/stat aside from the introductory courses. I have a few things that might be useful for you:

1. As for study guide, I had use "Deeper Understanding, Faster Calculation - Exam P/1 Insights & Shortcuts Study Manual." from Guo (it's on Actex Madriver). I thought his guide is really easy to understand for someone without much Math/Stat background. I used his study guide for both P and FM and I passed both exams on my first attempt. Cost is $85

2. When you said you gone through the 326 sample questions a couple times, did u just did all 326 questions a couple times? I would do all 326 questions once, mark down the ones u did wrong, or had a difficult times, then do the marked ones. Then you further mark down the ones you still have difficulties... etc etc. Guo had mentioned this in his study material, it isn't the number of questions you did, it's the number of questions you understood that'd gonna help you pass.

3. You might be doing this already if you have written any professional exams before, but timing is essential. You need to limit the time you spend on each question to 5 minutes (give or take 30 seconds). You have to do this for every practice question you worked on so you are used to it on the exam.

Good luck!

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