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the benefit always follows the ptp. meaning, early reductions or late increases (if the QDO allows, as some are written that the ap must commence by ptp's NRD if he is not still working) are based on the ptp's age, regardless of what the ap's age is. it does not matter that she is older than he is. also, there is a difference between what is payable and what is assigned to her. having said that and without having seen the actual qdro, if she is able to commence when she wants and it is not dependent on when he commences, the 1363.15* is reduced or increased accordingly based on the commencement date and the age of the ptp and then adjusted to account for the different lifetimes, PVF of ptp's age/ PVF of ap's age. the PVF may be deferred or immediate, depending on how the QDRO is written.

*I am assuming that 1363.15 is the benefit assigned to her at the time of his age 65, meaning no adjustments have been made yet and this is simply the 50% of what his accrued benefit was at 1/1/2000.

I haven't looked at your follow up post yet.

also...I am not credentialed actuary but I do work heavily in pension administration.
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