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Originally Posted by ahow View Post
It may sound odd, but you might look into welding websites for tips on wiring up something with that kind of draw. Welding machines run in the 50-75A range for a higher end models, I believe.

Depending on how things are set up, you may want to run a 220v line to it which will reduce the amperage requirement and reduce the amount of heat generated. Reduced heat will probably also extend the life of the amp.
We are moving, so I'll have to wait and see what the next house looks like, wiring-wise. If it's somewhat easy to upgrade so that I can have the sub on a dedicated circuit with a larger breaker, great. If not, oh well. The sub is very efficient, so even at ~2kW, it will get quite loud.

Back in my car audio days, I knew a few folks who used welding cable as power cable for large amplifiers.
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