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More and more lately, I end up working late into the night. I really like listening to my big audio setup while I do, but then I have to use my laptop, and that's not the most efficient way to get work done, especially when jumping around in spreadsheets. I have a really nice monitor in an extra bedroom we set up as an "office," but I can't play loud music in there, or I'll bug everyone.

So I went and tried out headphones. I first tried the Sennheiser HD700's. The pair I got was clearly a return (included a couple of non-Sennheiser accessories), so maybe it was messed up, but I didn't like them nearly as well as my HD598s. Nowhere near as clear.

So I moved up to the very popular HD800. I also got a good deal on the Chord Mojo mobile DAC/amp by purchasing from Amazon UK. The two together sound really good, but I'm convinced I can do better. I just missed out on a crazy deal for the Sennheiser HDVA 600 headphone amp (no DAC). Just $439 for an amp that retailed for $1,600. There are other headphone amp deals from time to time, but I was thinking there may be some "synergy" between the Sennheiser amp and headphones.

Man, I've got to stop spending all this money on home A/V stuff...
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