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first, graphs:

But others are skeptical that migration, even on the scale being seen this year, can do much more than dent the long-term aging trend. A 2001 report from the U.N.’s Population Division, for instance, estimated that Germany would need a net total of 17.8 million migrants between 1995 and 2050 (an average of 324,000 per year) to keep its overall population from shrinking; even then, the ratio of working-age people to elderly would still fall.

In addition, the near-term costs of managing the flow of refugees, providing them with housing, health care, education and other social assistance, and ultimately resettling and integrating them into new societies are daunting. Germany, by far the preferred destination for the migrants, expects to spend $6.6 billion this year alone. Turkey, which is not in the EU but houses more refugees than any other country (many of whom are making their way into EU countries) says it has spent $7.6 billion so far this year. (Turkey may get some help from the EU, which has pledged to spend at least $1.1 billion to aid nations bordering Syria that are housing millions of refugees from that country’s civil war.)


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