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Originally Posted by Westley View Post
Some companies don't hire people with visa issues, then they just don't and there's nothing to discuss. If they do, then they usually treat these people the same as non-visa (by law they pretty much have to, which doesn't always match with actual practice).

So, if a company is willing to hire you given visa status, then they're going to treat you like anybody else - you've got 3 exams, most are going to offer exam support. In short, I think you need to find companies that will hire people on visas, and then interview and be clear in the interview process that you have had reasonable exam success without support, and are now looking to get exam support to accelerate your advancement. I don't know how to identify companies that will sponsor visas or whatever specifically you need, but probably others can comment on that...

Can you get your current company to switch you over (to en employee, to a member of the formal program, or to a exam-supported non-member)? That's trickier because they probably like the status quo and it's hard to push them off of that without a reason, but worth a convo - I'd just tell them that you like the team and company blahblahblah and have been working through exams on your own, ask if there's potential to get into a role with exam support. If they say no, then move on; if they say yes, tell them how interested you are and see where it goes.
Thanks Westley - a couple of lines of enquiry there that I'll look into


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