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Default Let me know what you changes you all recommend

So, I am trying to switch careers here and I hope that once I finally get into the field then I could start cranking out exams more frequently. I am open to suggestions as I have used the same general format for a few years and haven't had as much success as I would like.

Donít let the length of this post discourage you. Check out the resume and donít read any further if you donít want to know my background/life story.

I have been with the same company for almost 5 years with three different positions and I completed an internship for a health insurance carrier while I was working one of these full time positions and I tried to put something there to show that I had a part time and a full time position at the same time since I have to explain this in every interview, which I figure is going to happen every time.

One thing that I really want to change is the third bullet point on my internship. I just have a hard time condensing it and using the right wording which would be appropriate for a resume since I only worked in the field for a few months, whereas I have been doing accounting for 6 years and am very familiar with the terms. If nothing else comes out of this then at least being able to reword that bullet point would probably be very beneficial. For this project I was tasked with finding out how much our dental plan paid dentist in comparison to the competition to see if we were comparable. A secondary assignment would be to see if we would be able to add a second, more narrow, network and how much less we could reduce the allowable amount to pay. I pulled dental claims data where we were the secondary insurance and I compared the allowable billing amount from the COB to essentially figure out what the fee schedules were for other carriers. I was able to see which carriers had more than one network and compare their primary plans against our own and use their secondary ones, if one exist, as a baseline to where we could start pricing to be comparable. I showed that we could lower the allowable amount by up to 12% and the new plan would be comparable to the those of other carriers. This did not factor in any type of geographical location or much beyond just the data; this was only an internship and I had limited time to complete this project.

Tldr: Trying to switch careers, any advice would be helpful, and I need help rewriting/rewording point #3 on the internship position.
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