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Hey Nehal!

I've chosen Columbia for three main reasons:

1) MS Actuarial Science graduates from Columbia have been known to have done well in securing jobs right after graduating- this goes both for local and international students. I've looked into the profiles of quite a few of the alumnis and it's quite impressive.

2) Columbia has portrayed the fact that they have a better network and reach when it comes to attracting prospective employers to hire from their graduate pool.

3) Columbia's Actuarial Science program includes pro-seminars. You should look into that on their website or contact someone in the department about it. These are seminars which focus on projects which are made to replicate those that real actuarial trainees work on.

Also, contact the program director, Mr. Noor Rajah, the Program Director for information on how to apply for a TA position.

Hope this helps!
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