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Originally Posted by trent216904 View Post
On the LTAM page of SOA's website, it states, "A thorough knowledge of calculus, probability (as covered in Exam P), mathematical statistics (as covered in VEE Mathematical Statistics) and interest theory (as covered in Exam FM) is assumed." I've already passed P and FM (and am taking IFM next month), but I haven't taken the MS VEE yet. I was planning on taking LTAM in October, and I'm not sure I can fit in the MS course before then - I'm starting work in June, so I don't want to pay for VEE course now since if I wait a few months, my employer will pay for it. However, if I start the VEE in June, I don't think that will give me enough time to study for LTAM.

Anyways, all that to ask: will I be ok studying for LTAM without the MS VEE, or is it something that would be really beneficial to have under my belt before LTAM?
In my experience, any study manual worth the paper it's printed on (or online study lecture course) will include review of the necessary basics.

If you prefer to use the recommended textbooks from the syllabus you may need to track down some online resources for any topics you might need a refresher on.
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