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Pre-reqs and potentially familiar topics. Everything is covered in a good manual, such as CA.

  • The integral
  • Finite and infinite geometric sums
  • Basic "u" substitution and appropriately adjusting limits of integration.
  • VERY basic differentiation.
  • Limits only as they apply to improper integrals.

  • Rules of logs and exponents.
  • Rules of inequalities; flipping sign when multiplying a negative.
  • Recursion.
  • Quadratic Formula.
  • Counting--I'm not kidding. Use your fingers if it helps!
  • Matrix multiplication.
  • Linear Interpolation.
  • Cubic Splines.

  • Expectation, Variance and Covariance operators (including linear combinations)
  • Compute Variance from first two moments
  • Independence, Mutual Exclusivity.
  • Normal Approximation
  • Double Expectation and Conditional Variance
  • Bernoulli Shortcut for Variance
  • Distribution and density/mass functions.
  • Be prepared to answer a (short response) question in the context of the Central Limit Theorem or the Law of Large Numbers. Cursory understanding fine.
  • Sums and products of Standard Normal RVs. Moments. Independence.
  • Relationship and conversion between Normal and Log Normal. Means and Variances.
  • Empirical Distr, Histogram (function), Ogive
  • Exponential Distr. Recognize its form and know its mean.
  • Confidence Intervals.
  • Logit Function.
  • Compute Correlation from Covariance and Variances/Standard Deviations.

Financial Math / Other:
  • Though the section on spot and forward rates has been removed, know these since a few problems require it.
  • Interest rates, compounding, 1/m-thly payments, annualization, discount rate,
  • Reading really small tables.
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