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Originally Posted by Egghead View Post
Yeah, I'll want to upgrade my speakers down the road. That "Audiophile on a Budget" article talked about the Energy RC-70 towers a lot. Apparently Fry's had them on sale ridiculously cheap (like $200 each) quite a few times before they were discontinued. There are articles out there saying that these were the best deal under $5k a pair! Of course, speaker preference is highly subjective, but I was very much intrigued.

I think the addition of the big ported subwoofer to my DCMs is going to make me a happy man for a good while. I do think I want to upgrade the amp first, and give myself the ability to listen to more than 2 speakers at once.
I've not heard those Energy speakers, so I can't comment there. If you live where I think you live (?), I have a couple of stores I can recommend to audition some stuff.

Craigslist is definitely your friend for speakers. Brands I think are worth checking out: Magnepan, Monitor Audio, Klipsch Reference speakers are good though a bit bright, Zu, KEF, ProAc if you can find them, Martin Logan, maybe PSB... ok, I like a lot of brands!
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