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Originally Posted by Brad Gile View Post
I have never understood why anyone would think that a spreadsheet designed for the general public would be, per se, usable for serious scientific investigations.
How about for financial results in the insurance business? FAS97 calculations do not fit my definition of "serious scientific investigations." (I suppose I could be wrong about that, though.)
So, WTF are you using Excel beyond the purposes it was designed for?
I am using it for the purposes it was "designed" for, and it is more than a little bit annoying that cross-footing sums can give different answers depending on the order of the parentheses. I think it was actually better when it didn't try to hide the problem and the user needed to know how to test cross-footing with some permitted difference parameter.

In some ways, the decimal representation of numbers (a la mainframe/Cobol) had its advantanges when doing Dollars and Cents. Otherwise, "totals may not agree - due to rounding."
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JMO is right
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I agree with JMO.
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And def agree w/ JMO.
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This. And everything else JMO wrote.
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Yup, it is always someone else's fault.
All purpose response for careers forum:
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Depends upon the employer and the situation.
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Therapists should ask the right questions, not give the right answers.
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I feel like ERM is 90% buzzwords, and that the underlying agenda is to make sure at least one of your Corporate Officers is not dumb.
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