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Originally Posted by twig93 View Post
Another for good old-fashioned mechanical light timers. I keep one light on a light timer year-round. It has a week long cycle so I can have it come on / turn off at different times every day.

That said, my coffee pot does have a timer setting. Bought when I lived on the west coast and would entertain visiting family from the east coast who would wake up at 4:30 AM Pacific time / 7:30 AM Eastern time. No way was I going to wake up that early to make coffee for them, but I could set everything up after they went to bed so that they'd be greeted with hot coffee and fixin's while I slept in. It's a very nice feature and I'd definitely recommend replacing your coffee pot with one with a timer whenever you're ready to replace yours.

But in the meantime, I imagine that a light timer would work just fine and be less expensive / more energy efficient than the WiFi plug thing.
i've had that kind of coffee pot and it is a nice feature. i bought a featureless brewer that brews at teh right temp and speed for a better cup of coffee. tradeoffs

yeah, mechanical might be the way to go. i had some of those once upon a time
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