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Originally Posted by secondlife View Post
Yes, you are correct in the central review E&E volunteers do the final review of the exam questions.

In the central review, volunteers were given some memorabilia (t-shirt, hoodie etc), then amazon gift card.

In the central grading, I got some little things like cheap USB hub, flash drive, etc with SOA logo.

I am sure SOA meeting speakers, organizers must have gotten some little gifts like that.

Now point accumulation.

I am sure, there is a good reason for not showing your point balance in mysoa; like forgetting your ID.
My coworker, who volunteered for an exam committee before I did, would get things at central review like shirts, etc. When I started volunteering, I got an Amazon gift card my first time, but I haven't gotten anything at subsequent central review meetings.

I had 67 points - I chose the donation to the Actuarial Foundation. I don't really need memorabilia that I'll never use. When I chose the donation, it didn't even tell me what dollar value is assigned to my 67 points.
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