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I think this is pretty simple and I'm just forgetting how to fix it. I have a dataset that I want to do a simple group by on. So the code I have is:

proc sql;
create table data_table as
select col_1, col_2
from big_table
group by col_1, col_2;

Here's the warning that I get and I get that this is why it's not grouping i.e. since it's doing an order by.

WARNING: A GROUP BY clause has been transformed into an ORDER BY clause because neither the SELECT clause nor the optional HAVING clause of the associated table-expression referenced a summary function.

However if I was to do a simple GROUP BY in Acces, the SQL code would look something like

SELECT [data_tbl].[Col_A]
FROM [data_tbl]
GROUP BY [data_tbl].[Col_A];

Do I need a proc sort in there first or what am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance!
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