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We've got a 535, which has some fewer features than the 540 you linked to, but I can't remember what the differences are anymore. It does a decent enough job but our kids like to play with it when it's running and so we haven't used it much. We bought it several years ago and it has been sitting on the charger most of that time.

When it runs it stays in the same area (closed off room or limited by a virtual wall) for about 30 minutes, running in random directions. When it is done it either turns off, or if you're using a virtual wall/lighthouse it will direct itself into the next area and run in there. We never used the lighthouse feature because our floorplan was either too open or already closed off, but we just moved to a new house and were planning to get another virtual wall/lighthouse so that we could start using that feature.

However, I tried starting it a few weeks ago and the battery is shot; even though it says it has a full charge it dies almost immediately. Since we haven't really used it, I am split between ordering a replacement and just leaving it alone. Procrastination is helping me lean toward leaving it alone. And yes, I know that I shouldn't have left it on the charger all that time if it wasn't being used. Procrastination helped me kill the battery too. So it goes.
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