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Originally Posted by sgibson18 View Post
Personally I've always been a Playstation guy, and I intend to keep that going with the PS3; however, this Wii has some promise. The new Zelda title alone may entice me to buy one at some point, especially with the new style of gameplay. Other than that it'll be fun as a "party" system, instead of old drinking games, you could get people boxing each other or "drinking Wii tennis" where you drink if you whiff, etc...

Here's how I justify the exorbitant cost of the PS3 to myself, so that it in fact sounds like a bargain:

1: It will undoubtedly be a great video game system...worth $300 to me
2: It will play Blu-Ray and I have a 1080p tv already...worth $200-300 to me
3: It will replace my old, dying laptop* computer.........worth $800 to me

*Note: I only use my laptop for music and web stuff right now. Even my e-mail is through g-mail so no software would need to be installed. Plus, I can surf the web on my huge hi-def tv with digital surround sound.
you realize that I've posted links to articles where the sony execs say that they're not sure if the PS3 will be able to play blu-ray dvds or not now that the blu-ray discs had a second level of copyright protection added to them, right? (I'll look for the post with that link)

btw, I would put all my money on the blu-ray part being the hold up for the release

oh, and the two blu-ray players that bestbuy sells are 1,000 I'm not too sure how Sony plans to sell a game system and blu-ray player for < the cost of a blu-ray player.
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I like playing with myself
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