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I'd take the "no preference" off. If you're applying for a job, it's pretty obvious that the location is ok.

I'd put all the dates on the right margin and keep everything else off of the margin. I'd use abbreviated months and year rather than numeric, which is harder to read. I'd leave a space on either side of the hyphen in a date range.

The research fellow date is confusing. It takes studying to see that this is apparently the date when you left the program. I'm not sure what the best way is to list this, but I wasted time on "Is she still in school? When does she graduate? Did she leave the program for a job?" etc.

I'd abbreviate M.A. and B.S. I'd not list "Major:", but would just list it after the B.S. - "B.S., Finance", which is a pretty standard way of listing a degree and avoids a little clutter. I'd put the minor on a separate line and say "Minor in ...". "Overall" and "/4.0" are unnecessary. It just makes it harder to see the GPA.

I'd avoid italics. It's harder to read.

Almost all the bullets for fellow are filler-y. I'd not use two levels of bulleting. I'd get rid of the 1st. Second is very task-y and I'd lose it. Stuff like meeting with profs is certainly not noteworthy. You list the titles of projects. I'd instead try to focus on what you accomplished on these projects. And I don't mean downloading data, etc. Keep the focus on as big a picture as you can. Trust that it will be obvious that a statistical study would involve statistical work. Worked independently is not bulletworthy. Presented is not bulletworthy. Coursework doesn't belong with the job and is totally obvious from the 4.0 in your work at Stanford. Readers aren't dumb.

Distinguished professor better be pretty distinguished (someone who would be known by the reader) to make it worth listing. Again, these bullets are very task-y.

Not sure about that long list of econometric and stat stuff. If you think it will sell you, ok.

If you expect that the job would include Bloomberg data, I'd probably list the Bloomberg terminal under skills. Not otherwise.

Unless you think the job will require Mandarin, I'd probably leave off language. If you're applying in the US, put English first.

If you indent the employers and job title to be level with the bullets, you won't need to use all-caps in the section headings. The econometrics title, in particular, seem very shout-y.

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