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Originally Posted by MG View Post
My company doesn't even consider candidates who are not planning to return to school in the fall for an internship position. The logic is that they should be looking for a FT position, and if they happen to find one 3 weeks into the internship, they're going to bail and we're left with no intern. We've also had issues in the past (admittedly distant past) with graduates who interned who weren't good at taking "no" for an answer regarding the possibility of extending the internship into the fall or turning it into a FT position. (I would have no problem with this conversation, but then I'm less tactful/fearful than some folks).

Regardless of whether you think the above scenarios are likely or valid, why bother even chance-ing it when we always have a good size pool (3-5x as big as we need) of sophomores/juniors with decent GPA's and an exam or two.
I have never thought about it this way. Great post.
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