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Originally Posted by ldancer911 View Post
I bought a switch not to long ago and started playing Breath of the Wild. I'm not that impressed, might stop playing it. I generally like the combat, and the shrine puzzles.

But I think I'm starting to hate all these open world games. Why does every game need a big plot of land that I have to climb something to unlock a map and fast travel point? Also weapon's breaking every 5th attack is super annoying.

Got D3 on switch, so I'll probably just start playing that this weekend when the new season starts and see if I come back to this.
Coming from the dark souls world where your weapon is your baby, at first I found the weapon breaking annoying, eventually I just started hoarding a couple of good weapons that I'd only use on tough enemies and otherwise just use whatever the enemies I was currently fighting would drop. Once you get used to it you can instinctively throw your weapon before it's last hit and get some damage that way.

Honestly, the biggest incentive BOTW had (for me) to explore the whole map was doing the shrines because some of them were really fun. There's also a couple of weird places that you can go into like:

the maze island part and the island that takes away all your stuff until you manage to leave the island
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