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I think that this thread is going off in a different direction than what I had intended. It certainly helps no one to talk about what actuaries did or did not do in the past, unless it is constructively seeking what to potentially do better in the future. I think there is a place for actuaries both individually and as a profession to be more proactive in trying to implement change. The opioid crisis is one such possibility. I certainly do not think that actuaries are the only professionals that can contribute to this; however, I think that actuaries could contribute a unique perspective, working together with other public health professionals.

We often talk of what "the profession" does, but ultimately, it depends mostly on what individual actuaries do. So, one purpose in posting this was to try and inspire action from actuaries who are in a position to contribute. I think that there are many ways that actuaries could contribute to solving this either through working together with existing research projects, coming up with new ideas about how to solve this problem, and then seeking to use this information to implement change. The last step is likely the hardest, and involves different "inexact" ways of trying to implement change, through writing letters, publishing articles, seeking to share the right information with the right people who can influence these processes.

As a couple resources that I found interesting:

Here is a for-profit program with Oliver Wyman:

that works to identify extreme outliers in practice. Perhaps something similar could be implemented for opioid prescriptions to identify abuse more quickly.

Here is a great Linked In post that I saw the other day about using actuarial science for social good in Malaysia:

I would encourage anyone interested in getting involved in some way with this program to reach out to Rebecca Owen, the author of the article, and to the public health subgroup of the soa health section to see if there is some way of contributing.
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