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Originally Posted by pete5383 View Post
Sure, if you work hard. But what happens when you have two 9:00 meetings that both companies want you to Skype in to?

I think it's fine ethically, but maybe not logistically.
Consultants run into that problem all the time when multiple clients want meetings at the same time. You just have to reschedule one of the meetings. If neither one can be rescheduled, you just have to miss one of them and catch up with the folks afterward. Logistically, not too big of a deal unless it's always happening, and even then, pretty easily avoided with enough pre-planning.

As a serious answer though, the companies wouldn't like that at all if the second job was anything remotely related to the actuarial job. Too much potential for conflict of interest, and most HR departments specifically prohibit it with only a handful of exceptions. Exceptions are usually things completely unrelated to the first job. For instance, I once knew an actuary that sold beer at the local baseball stadium after he got off work. The company was fine with that arrangement. Seemed like a perfect balance, to be honest. He was a huge baseball fan, got paid to be in the stadium and watch a little bit of the game, got a workout lugging the beer up and down the stands, and earned some cash on the side. That's way less than a full time job though.

80 hour weeks will kill you. I've done them a handful of times in my career. You can keep up that pace for maybe a month or so. Beyond that, you're completely beaten down and hating life. Also, every job has busier periods out there. If the 40 balloons to 60 one week (not at all impossible), all of a sudden, you're looking at 100 hours for the week even if the other job is steady state.
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