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Originally Posted by mathmajor View Post
My first thought is - why? Is your life so dull and meaningless that you'd rather fill the void with work? Doesn't one six figure job satiate your financial needs?
- If you work very efficiently, are multitasking, and are organized, you can very easily do 40 hours of work in 30 hours. So at least one of the jobs can very well by <40 hours.

- If you're telecommuting, you're saving a bunch of time that would have otherwise gone to commute.

- You can do lunch at home so you're saving that half hour to one hour that would have gone to eating lunch outside at office.

- Outsource repetitive, easy, time consuming tasks, and save a bunch of time there.

- Imagine the experience you'll be gaining working two jobs at the same time.

I'm not saying its easy, just throwing some points out there.
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