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Originally Posted by epeddy1 View Post
I assign a material slice of the blame pie to Moises Alou for his reaction. Act like a professional and move on to the next play IMO.
Also a material amount of blame on the TV broadcast who kept showing the poor guy looking all vulnerable in his headphones and turtleneck and getting escorted out. Showing the replay is fair game, but showing the reality story of the poor fan in the wrong place/wrong time was trashy. There's a reason he was a popular Halloween costume - because we all saw him on TV over and over again in this pose well after the play:

I even remember them saying "he's wearing headphones, which means he's probably listening to the broadcast and knows what he just did" or something like that. The story was being written that way for the fans to consume - so can't blame it all on the fans.
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I agree with epeddy's comments.
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oh wow. epeddy's advice is incredible.
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