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Originally Posted by Demerzel View Post
In the trad life space, does anyone happen to know if there are there particular companies that are sort of well-known as having strong ALM organizations, particularly with opportunities at more or less the ASA level? I understand ALM is a wide universe and could involve anything from cash flow testing to risk management, anywhere someone with a liability-side background is needed on or near the asset side.

For instance I think that Prudential is widely regarded as having a strong investments/ALM org. Not sure if anyone has had firsthand experiences or heard anything about New York Life or perhaps others on the life side?
In general, large insurers with a diverse set of products have large ALM teams with many actuaries. Pru, Met, NYL, and AIG come to mind immediately but even mid-size companies like PacLife, Allianz, and Nationwide likely have strong teams dedicated to ALM and asset management at the corporate (company-wide) level.

My company has several people at all levels of experience within "ALM" roles.
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