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Originally Posted by ElPatron View Post
In general, large insurers with a diverse set of products have large ALM teams with many actuaries. Pru, Met, NYL, and AIG come to mind immediately but even mid-size companies like PacLife, Allianz, and Nationwide likely have strong teams dedicated to ALM and asset management at the corporate (company-wide) level.

My company has several people at all levels of experience within "ALM" roles.

In my current role (at one of the large companies you mentioned), it seems like there are sort of two philosophical camps within ALM. There is the more business side (I guess what you would call traditional ALM) that is generally open to actuaries - with more or less opportunities depending on what the business side looks like as you mentioned.

Then there is the actual asset side (for example risk management and economic capital), and it seems like actuaries who are able to get into the latter tranche generally have advanced or professional degrees in addition to SOA credentials (for instance a Ph.D. or MBA/MFE). Does this seem to be the case at your company as well?
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