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I am learning how to use Excel VBA. So far, it seems, well,...rudimentary--in comparsion to what I know how to do with Mathematica. But it's clear that you can create non-mathematical programs in VBA, and if the industry is expecting it as part of my skill set, then so be it.

Some time ago I wrote a Mathematica program that solved Sudoku puzzles through recursive application of rule-based manipulation and process of elimination, much in the way that humans do--rather than by brute force guessing. Mathematica also has better handling of numerical error--years ago, I once tried to do a nonlinear fit in Excel that resulted in a numerically unstable result, whereas Mathematica did it perfectly. I should hope Excel has evolved since then to handle such situations better.

I wonder why Mathematica is not used in the actuarial field...? Is it the price? Is it the lack of relevance? Is it because Excel is used by non-actuarial sectors to visually organize and manipulate data?
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