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Default Offsite backup for Macs

So, I did tons of research, and decided to go with Crashplan, and they promptly went out of the consumer business, and are now pretty pricey for my needs. So I'm shopping again.

TLDR specs: at least two macs, maybe 2 TB of data to be backed up. Want something that does versioning and can protect against ransomware.

more detailed description:
My household has two macs with a lot of crap (I have like a terabyte of mostly music files, since I edit music in my copious spare time, and my husband does a lot of work on his Mac desktop). We also have a PC laptop that's possibly worth backing up, and my husband has a macbook pro that he might want to backup. Anyway, lots of data, at least two macs. I'm not concerned with backing up the stuff on our phones, or our secondary PCs (I have a netbook and a spare/old Macbook Pro, for instance, but everything important on those lives on my primary laptop, too.)

Other considerations:

Because TimeMachine is awesome, we have excellent backups at home. We just need something off-site.

I know people at Carbonite, (for instance, I could get personalized tech support if I wanted it) but I'm told that their mac software is "really old", and I gather they are much better with PCs than with Macs. and I think we'd need two separate accounts, one for each device.

I use DropBox, and like it, but it's not really well designed for back-ups. Although I suppose most of what should be backed up is reasonably identifiable (photos, music, my husband's projects.) So it's not off the table. I happen to know they do robust versioning.

What else are folks recommending these days? why?
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