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Originally Posted by Arthur Kade View Post
I still don't really understand why most actuaries don't have CE >> 30 hours a year. I would have expected the requirement to be nothing more than a minor red-tape inconvenience, but for many of my colleagues it's actually a mad dash for credits.
My issue was two-fold. One was making sure to get the organized credit (as JMO noted), but the other issue was me simply failing to record all the activities that can count for CE. I see that I easily exceed the 30 hrs/year, but since didn't record all the times I was reading articles, researching, etc. it was a lot harder. I'm learning from this and recording everything going forward, so I'll just be maintaining the "red-tape" issues now.

And a to you, MountainHawk - I wish the SOA had laid it out that way in the first place, since that is the intention. I still don't think it clearly states what you laid out, but I'm convinced that's what they mean.
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