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Originally Posted by lcuandon View Post
From what I remember last year, the MC choices were easy. I'd say ADAPT level 3-4. It was the written portion that destroyed me. Def a different flavor of questions. All in all, I would say the difficulty of this exam isn't the issue, it is more the very wide breadth of formulas and concepts, especially in the second half of the material. I will be sitting for my second attempt this Fall. I have started studying a month ago and I am already on Reserves. This exam stopped my winning streak and for that I am forever bitter against it.
hehe it's all cool man. Keep working hard and thanks for your input.
This is my first attempt for MLC but I have failed before. I am going to give my all to pass this on my first sitting though to get that ASA before the changes.
Spoiler - for size:

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