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Originally Posted by Abelian Grape View Post
My phases are:
1. Get to 70
2. Get the free set
3. Grind bounties for mats and early legendaries (in this particular season, I stacked 50 TX caches for Avarice so now I have mats up the ass)
3.1. Start extracting all the legendarys into the cube that I can
4. Start rifting for stones then grifting for levels/items
5. Once you have all the items you need, start fine tuning via rerolls
6. Grift for gem levels
7. Season Journey
Or maybe back to this handy guide, I'm sitting at 3.1/4. I did end up getting my first 2 legendary gems, the greed one and another with elite kill bonus. Still not seeing quite the benefit out of them yet but I'm swimming in gold.

Originally Posted by QMO View Post
I'll tell you straight up that I think my religion is better than yours.
Originally Posted by Scars View Post
Outside the context of my faith, I am not intolerant of you ... If anything here, you're being a bit of a bigot towards me.
Originally Posted by Descalzo View Post
I thought that's what I was saying, exactly. One day I (or people like me) will be thought of exactly as you and I think of racists in the deep south.
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I put the whole cob in my mouth and suck the kernels right off in one swift motion.
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What 6-year-old boy didn't occasionally stick his junk between his legs during bathtime just to say, "Look, Mommy, I'm a girl!" as a joke?
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I can see having a discussion about magic potions vs. pharmaceuticals in a chemistry class. I think that's a good idea.
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