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Hi all,

A little background on me: I am currently a high school math teacher looking to change to an actuarial career. Today, I just passed Exam C after studying for three months. Before that, I passed Exams FM and P after studying for a month for each.

I seek a couple pieces of advice. First, where to go from here? I decided not to register for March's MFE offering, instead opting to wait for the July offering of IFM. I lack significant computer skills (took a couple courses in Java and Python in undergraduate, but I can't speak to having used these in any significant way). I keep track of my grades on Excel, but this is remarkably low-level stuff.

I am thinking that upping my computer skills would be worthwhile. I am considering enrolling in TIA's computer skills course. I think that improving my computer skills would be the most effective and economical way to improve my resume. Would you all agree?

Also, I have an interview coming up for an internship with a life insurance company. Ideally, I would prefer to land something full-time. But, it seems as if many (most?) companies aren't considering candidates for full-time positions who have not had an internship. My thoughts are, I landed this interview with just two exams passed. I would like to test the job-market waters with the third exam under my belt. But, I would also hate to turn away a solid internship before having a full-time position locked down.

In the event that I am offered the internship before anything full-time materializes, would I be a fool to turn down the internship and hold out for something full-time?

In advance, thank you all for any tips, advice, etc.
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