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Originally Posted by anothermathteacher View Post
Hi all,

A little background on me:


1. I seek a couple pieces of advice. First, where to go from here?

2. I am thinking that upping my computer skills would be worthwhile. I am considering enrolling in TIA's computer skills course. I think that improving my computer skills would be the most effective and economical way to improve my resume. Would you all agree?

3. Also, I have an interview coming up for an internship with a life insurance company. Ideally, I would prefer to land something full-time. But, it seems as if many (most?) companies aren't considering candidates for full-time positions who have not had an internship. My thoughts are, I landed this interview with just two exams passed. I would like to test the job-market waters with the third exam under my belt. But, I would also hate to turn away a solid internship before having a full-time position locked down.

In the event that I am offered the internship before anything full-time materializes, would I be a fool to turn down the internship and hold out for something full-time?

In advance, thank you all for any tips, advice, etc.
1. Start applying everywhere. You never get the job you don't apply for.
2. Meh. If you have SOME computer experience, that should be enough. Being able to learn is important. But, convincing an employer that you are able to learn is critical.
3. You can take the internship AND apply to positions. I don't think you will get the internship if it is designed specifically for "rising seniors" over summer holiday (98% of internships). you might get it ifit is designed specifically for someone they want to hire in September full-time (2% of internships).
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