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Originally Posted by NormalDan View Post
I'm definitely pro-1 page. The point of the resume is to get to a longer conversation, so in my view the 1 page is the top page of information about me. If you have 2 pages of information then that first page must be incredible and they'll hear all about the second page in the interview.

I don't list my "experience" by job, I have a section for experience that highlights projects and/or experience that are relevant to the position. Work history is a completely different section and it is literally just names of companies and dates of employment.
Originally Posted by Westley View Post
Yeah, don't have an education "section", just list it someplace. I have two degrees and they take two lines. FCAS and MAAA are a third line. They're at the top of the resume, with no special formatting or section breaks, before you get to the meat of the resume.
I have an education and professional designations section that includes my degrees and letters, usually in reverse chronological order so the degrees are at the bottom of the list.
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