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Originally Posted by oedipus rex View Post
I would keep a daily backup then, and create some comparison queries to compare the backup database to the current database by linking. I think you can implement some kind of logging feature, but this would require you to build a front end and write some VBA code that carefully logs each and every update (unless there is something simple I am not aware of). That would take some time. As for the ASOP, it clearly isn't relevant in your case, but here is a link: http://www.actuarialstandardsboard.o...sop023_141.pdf
Given our annual work cycle and the rate at which new data is added I suspect weekly backups should be sufficient.

In searching, I found some VBA code for tracking, but I think the better solution is going to be SQL Express server in the longer term.

The joy of migrating technologies over time...

We're building a new piece of data acquisition software and reportedly the programmer is being asked to make it backwards compatible with data that we used to store (input?) in a database using fixed-width files/punch cards.

I'd argue the cleaner solution is to keep the fields and migrate the old data to a new format and use modern practices for the new data.
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