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Originally Posted by oedipus rex View Post
if you are that worried about access control to this data, you should probably discuss with IT what can be done to maintain data integrity and design a robust solution for this data. this way they can also put some controls around the process, which really is required if you read the data quality asop closely. alternatively you can make the database read only and password protect it, that way if someone needs to make a change they need to go through you first.
The problem is we have multiple groups of technicians entering data directly through various forms and then other technicians updating fields as they complete various tasks.

On top of that we're currently going through some staff turnover at the moment for a few different reasons including the person who was up until recently in overall charge of our group and who may or may not return to the position (some health issues). I'm a bit worried about people maliciously trying to damage the database, but am also worried about inadvertent errors given that I've already identified numerous errors.

I'm not familiar with the data quality asop, but note that this isn't actuarial work. Do you have a link? It could be useful reading. If I end up getting control of the database I may look at the SQL server option. We're having some broader division wide discussions about data management and software/code migrations as our SAS users are rapidly retiring and the new hires are more R or python users. It may be that I can push to a broader shift to SQL server...
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